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Dear AO Surgery Reference Team,

First of all I am very aware of all the effort you put into the new surgery reference and I think lots of thinks wer improved. I was a big fan of the "old" version and was recommending it to all of my students and my colleagues.
Unfortunately the "new" version I can not recommend to any student because it lacks the clear structure of the "old" version and to my mind the layout is not very thought through.
First of all the approaches are hard to find and appear on totally different parts within in the modules and the single modules are built with inconsistent and sometimes confusing structure.
Second the layout does not allow a clear overview on the possible options. On a standard 13" Macbook or an iPhone you can not see all options without scrolling because the top panel (blue AO banner etc) is to big and the images are scaled to big etc. (see examples on the attached image). I think both can be changes quite easily.

Under consideration User interface/Navigation Suggested by: Felix Upvoted: 06 Jan Comments: 11

Comments: 11

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