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As others have recommended, the new layout is extremely inefficient as half of the reading space is taken up with the search bar, header, subheader, and navigation links; and it stays there as you scroll down. The following should be done to improve functionality: 1. Move up the search bar to be in line with the AO surgery reference logo. It does NOT need to be underneath with additional space. 2. As one scrolls down, the Header/Subheader should disappear. We know what we selected and what we're reading. It only needs to be at the top and currently, takes up a significant amount of space for no reason. It inhibits the ability to read. Please see the attached image for a preview of how much more space is available. Image on Left: Original. Image on Right: updated version.

Suggested by: Emile Upvoted: 31 Jan Comments: 14

Under consideration User interface/Navigation

Comments: 14

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